Sound Barrier

  • U.S. 1 SB bridge over Business Route 1/CSX/SEPTA north to near Old Lincoln Highway (Potential)

Retaining Wall

  • U.S. 1 NB exit ramp at Neshaminy Interchange
  • U.S. 1 NB exit ramp at Penndel Interchange
  • Business Route 1 SB near Old Lincoln Highway exit


  • Replacement
    • U.S. 1 over SR 2044 (Rockhill Drive)
    • U.S. 1 over Neshaminy Creek
    • U.S. 1 over Business Route 1/CSX/SEPTA

SR 8067 (Penndel Interchange)

  • Improvements to ramp geometries to meet current design standards
  • Improvement of acceleration and deceleration lane lengths

SR 8055 (Neshaminy Interchange)

  • Relocation of the ramp from Rockhill Drive to U.S. 1 northbound from the northeastern quadrant of the interchange to the southeastern quadrant
  • Improvements to ramp geometries to meet current design standards
  • Modifications to both existing signalized intersections on Rockhill Drive to improve traffic flow into and out of the Neshaminy Mall and the Horizon Corporate Center
  • Improvements to U.S. 1 NB exit to Rockhill Drive and U.S. 1 SB exit to Rockhill Drive to provide two lane ramps
  • Improvement of the interchange ramp geometries
  • Removal of signalized intersection immediately west of the existing Neshaminy Mall traffic signal

SR 8055 (Rockhill Drive)

  • Additional turn lanes in both directions
  • Proposed sidewalks along both eastbound and westbound Rockhill Drive to improve pedestrian access

U.S. 1 (Lincoln Highway)

  • From north of the Turnpike interchange to the Penndel interchange:
    • Addition of a third travel lane in each direction and auxiliary lanes between interchanges
    • Increased median width to provide minimum 12’-wide inside shoulder
  • From north of the Turnpike interchange to north of the Neshaminy interchange
    • Profile raised to improve vertical clearance over SR 2044 (Rockhill Drive)
  • Between the PA Turnpike interchange and the Neshaminy interchange
    • Addition of an auxiliary lane in both directions
  • North of the Neshaminy interchange to southern limit of frontage (service) roads
    • Realignment of U.S. 1 SB over Neshaminy Creek and U.S. 1 NB over Business Route 1/CSX/SEPTA to facilitate construction